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Paul Blart is a middle aged father and mall cop dealing with obesity. He hasn't dated since his failed marriage and for many times, Paul has failed becoming a police officer. But, in order to save Amy, his "crush", and the mall from a group of criminals looking to steal money, Paul Blart will do the impossible!
A single, albeit overweight, parent, Paul Blart lives a middle-classed lifestyle with his daughter, Maya, in New Jersey. After being mocked at in school, and having been unsuccessful to get employment with the local police services, he gets hired at a Mall as a security guard. He is attracted to a mall employee, Amy, but his attempts to woo her are foiled by a pen salesman. His continuing efforts to date Amy are hilarious as he must first adapt himself to cell phones and text messaging, which he attempts to do with his pal, Vijay's daughter's cell-phone. Things get complicated after he is instructed to train a new security guard - who has an agenda of his own - that will end up changing Paul's life forever.
STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning <br/><br/>The titular Paul Blart (Kevin James) is an overweight, goof prone security guard at an American shopping mall who is disrespected by most people, with the exception of Amy (Jayma Mays) a pretty new girl he develops a crush on. But he gets a chance to be the hero of the day when the mall falls under siege from a gang demanding a ransom, where his bumbling heroism sets out to foil the terrorists.<br/><br/>This probably isn&#39;t the kind of thing I&#39;d generally give much attention to, but everyone needs to watch something a bit light every now and again and this fit the bill perfectly. As others have commented, the tubbier leading man has always been delegated to the comic buffoon role, most notably the late John Candy, whom lead star James matches quite well indeed. He gets a great deal of his laughs from how laughably over the top the script requires him to go at times and make such a prat of himself and indeed how silly the script itself is in places, in amongst a lot of the more slapstick and pratfalls kind of stuff.<br/><br/>This is simply gentle, light, family entertainment that you could comfortably sit around and watch as a family, which is a type of comedy that&#39;s becoming less and less nowadays and so you can appreciate that bit more. ***
Having already seen (and liked) Observe and Report, it was almost necessary to see the year&#39;s other mall cop movie to make sure my experience was well-rounded. O&amp;R was a very dark and disturbed comedy, and while not the funniest movie of the summer was certainly very different from anything else that came out. Paul Blart is almost the same movie with the edge smoothed to a curve. There&#39;s nothing really wrong with it, but there&#39;s nothing quite right either, and while its harmless enough, I can definitely say that Paul Blart is a waste of time.<br/><br/>Kevin James is Paul Blart, a lovable schlubb of a mall cop. He has a daughter from his ex-wife, who used him for a green card and then ran off. He has a crush on the new girl as the hair extensions booth (which almost borders on stalker-ish at the start of the movie). He is constantly put down by the worst people imaginable, including a pen salesman who is unfortunately never punched in the face. He has hypoglicemia, which causes him to pass out without the proper dosage of pixie sticks. And he loves his segway. Admittedly, its a badass segway.<br/><br/>The character of Blart is certainly the strong point of the movie. Unlike the tendency nowadays for anti-heroes and sarcastic twits leading in comedies (think the Stifler influence), Paul Blart is wholesome, sympathetic and never unlovable. He&#39;s a big guy, but in a cuddly rather than pokeable way. James plays the character very well, and may very well have a future in films. He&#39;s put on a lot of weight, but he plays it to his advantage in the movie.<br/><br/>Halfway through, a group of criminals invade the mall in an attempt to steal Black Friday credit card revenues. Their plan is inconcievably stupid, as is par for the course, but the fact that the criminals are made to look smart just adds insult. The movie also tends to just ignore certain pieces of information, making some of their plot ridiculously random. The criminals themselves are ridiculous. Someone thought throwing in some parkour jumping would spice up the movie, but instead is just face-in-palm bad. One in particular is a lunatic to the point of absurdity, especially for light fare as this.<br/><br/>The biggest sin of the movie is that its mostly laughless. There&#39;s a couple chuckles throughout, but no real laughs. When Blart must defend his mall, a laugh or two is finally emitted. Most of the good stuff is in the trailer, although Blart taking on a Predator-esquire role in a Rainforest Cafe is admittedly pretty funny.<br/><br/>Despite trying to promote self-esteem for our heavy-set protagonist, Paul Blart relies heavily on fat-man-fall-down humour, which is a little puzzling. Regardless, the important part is the movie just isn&#39;t that funny. Its a harmless kind of funny, and is certainly not intolerable, although the editing is quite horrid. Its not the worst movie in the world to be dragged to, but I can&#39;t help feel I just wasted 90 minutes of my life.
Underneath all the cartoonish mall mayhem and silly slapstick lies a comedy that aspires to be the sort of gentle crowd-pleaser John Hughes used to make.
Paul Blart: Mall Cop is based on a screenplay by <a href="/name/nm0416673/">Kevin James</a>, who plays the title character, and by writer and voice actor Nick Bakay. …on the ring tone for Paul&#39;s borrowed phone: My bubble Gum by Rasheeda<br/><br/>…the first karaoke song: Runaway by Bon Jovi<br/><br/>…when Paul is leaving the house for work: Mr Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra<br/><br/>…in the trailer: Livin&#39; on a Prayer by Bon Jovi<br/><br/>…in the bar: Runaway by Bon Jovi<br/><br/>…when he walks over to Amy at the end: I Can&#39;t Hold Back by Survivor<br/><br/>…when he starts singing in the video games: Detroit Rock City by Kiss Yes. An extra scene depicting Blart&#39;s wedding is shown about 20 seconds into the credits, but there&#39;s nothing after the credits. The extra scene is not worth sticking around for.
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