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Near the small desert town of Santa Ynez, a mysterious black car runs down two teenage bicyclers en route to camp, then it hit-and-runs a hitchhiker with local Amos Clements as witness. Sheriff Everett puts his men on alert and plants road blocks in the area to arrest the murderer, but soon he himself falls victim to the car. Sheriff Wade Parent leads the hunt for the vehicle that threatens their town and seems impossible to locate. When his beloved girlfriend, teacher Lauren Humphries, challenges the driver in a cemetery, the car hunts her in her home. Wade realizes he might be dealing with supernatural powers.
A mysterious black, sleek automobile terrorizes everyone it comes into contact with in a small town in Utah. The local sheriff may be the only person who can stop this menace which has been possessed by pure evil.
The Car is the star in this tense, single-minded thriller. Belonging to the &quot;Duel&quot; / &quot;You Drive&quot; / &quot;Christine&quot; school of driverless car TV and cinema, it is a testament to its makers that the film manages to be suspenseful and unnerving for most of its ninety minutes.<br/><br/>Unlike &quot;Duel&quot;, the climax does suggest that a supernatural force had possessed The Car – however, from the scary appearance of the thing, I&#39;d lay bets that the vehicle was nasty long before it was possessed.<br/><br/>A masterstroke is the car&#39;s horn. It&#39;s frightening and creepy. And in the scene where The Car attempts to enter a cemetery, it is used to chilling effect.<br/><br/>The film is also very well shot and makes great use of wide angle lenses and low angle traveling shots. The car itself, built by the geniuses behind the Batmobile, is a prize, a lumbering, bloated killing machine with a hot grill and curved edges.<br/><br/>Underrated and under-appreciated.
I&#39;ve seen &quot;The Car&quot; several times over the years. I am a big fan of horror movies and while this is not exactly a &quot;classic&quot; by any means, I still enjoyed it. The plot is basically a car which drives around a desert town killing everyone/anyone it can. In these types of movies, you tend to enjoy watching and choosing who becomes the victims. I found the acting to be a little trying at times. In fact, at times, very bad. I mean, having two actors scream at each other (in one scene) does not create tension, it creates confusion. I like James Brolin in this film and John Marley as well, even though he didn&#39;t have much to do.<br/><br/>The star of the movie is &quot;The Car&quot;. What I did not enjoy about the film was as a viewer I did not know anything about the car. Where did it come from? Why was it there? Was it the devil? A demon? I wanted to know more about this killing machine. I found that by the end of the film I was still a little confused. Also, I think this movie was a rip-off of the TV thriller released back in 1974, &quot;Killdozer&quot;. The tale about a killer bulldozer terrorizing a construction crew. Possibly one of the worst ever made TV movies. The Car was much, much better. I remember seeing &quot;The Car&quot; at the movies. I think it stayed for about a week. Needless to say, the movie was a bomb. However, that does not mean it was a bad movie. There aren&#39;t very many horror movies that are a big success at the movie theatre. I think they tend to be more successful on video.<br/><br/>It&#39;s a shame that this movie wasn&#39;t more successful because I was looking forward to a sequel. Who knows, maybe they&#39;ll release &quot;The Car 2&quot; or &quot;Son of Car&quot;. All that being said, take my advice, rent this movie. Pull up a chair, put the lights on low, snuggle beside your favorite person (wife, etc.), grab some munchies and, no matter what you do, make sure you keep that remote in your hand at all times.<br/><br/>Sit back and enjoy!

The demonic car in this film was designed by George Barris, who specialized in custom cars and who worked on a number of film and television projects, including the car driven by TV&#39;s &quot;The Munsters&quot;, Herbie &quot;The Love Bug&quot;, and the vehicle driven by the heroes in &quot;Ghostbusters&quot;. For &quot;The Car&quot;, Barris modified a 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III.
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